The specialized root epidermis cells of higher plants produce long, tubular outgrowths called root hairs. Root hairs play an important role in nutrient and water uptake and they serve as a valuable model in studies of plant cell morphogenesis. More than 1,300 articles that describe the biological processes of these unique cells have been published to date. As new fields of root hair research are emerging, the number of new papers published each year and the volumes of new relevant data are continuously increasing. Therefore, there is a general need to facilitate studies on root hair biology by collecting, presenting and sharing the available information in a systematic, curated manner. Consequently, we present the comprehensive database of root hair genomics information, iRootHair, to assist in the study of root hair development and system biology.

The iRootHair database hosts a large volume of available information about the genomics of root hair morphogenesis. In order to facilitate its use, the iRH is subdivided into interrelated, searchable main sections that describe: Genes, Processes of root hair formation, root hair Mutants and available References. The database also integrates bioinformatic Tools with a focus on sequence identification and annotation as well as useful external Links. Also, advanced Searching strategies can be used to identify the particular genes of interest or a broader set of information about root hair genomics.

If you would like to participate in improving the iRootHair database, want to share your results, add a new gene or simple make a comment, please contact us directly or use data submission tool.


If you found the iRootHair database useful, please cite as follows:
Kwasniewski M, Nowakowska U, Szumera J, Chwialkowska K, Szarejko I (2013) iRootHair: a comprehensive root hair genomics database. Plant Physiology 161: 28-35 [link]